Peep Week 2014 - Day 4

peepnadoAre we all peeped out? Maybe a little bit? Well, I am running on marshmallow fumes over here. On Tuesday, after spending the day at the mall, I came home and made peep cupcakes before heading out to an evening event for Listen To Your Mother. The best thing about this collision of events is that I knew I'd see Tracy and Galit and could give them some cupcakes so that I wouldn't be stuck with two dozen peepy cupcakes! The greatest challenge of Peep Week isn't always coming up with the ideas. Sometimes, it's scheduling everything so that you don't have to eat more than one peep concoction per day or are not forced into a situation where you must allow your kids to eat more than one peep concoction per day. But when things go awry, we get by with a little help from our friends.

So let's talk cupcakes! I found these cupcake liners and adorable bunny ears on a previous trip to Peeps & Company.

IMG_0372 I knew I would be pressed for time so I didn't try to make cupcakes from scratch and instead bought a Pillsbury funfetti cake mix and some plain white frosting. I felt that peeps required funfetti even though I have no idea what the little bits in the mix actually are. While Zeca and I made them, I asked that very question aloud and she patted my shoulder and said, "I think it's best if we don't think about that." Smart girl.

So, we whipped up a batch of funfetti cupcakes and baked them in the peep liners and then decorated them according to the picture on the package, though I didn't pipe the icing.



I had to rush out the door and didn't get to see my kids eat their peep cupcakes but Tracy and Galit were kind enough to send me pictures of their kids enjoying these cute little funfetti peep cupcakes!




This is probably one of my favorite peep things ever because it was easy and because those peeps in bunny ears are irresistible!