Peep Week 2014 - Day 3


Yesterday, I went to the Mall of America to buy some new clothes and no trip to the mall is complete without stopping by The Peep Store. Since several of you did not know this store existed, I took some pictures to share the splendor with you. peepstorecollage

Every year, I do a little Peep Week summary of new products so I picked out a few new things at the store that I liked or found interesting.

Prior to this year, there were two basic logos/styles they had on apparel - the rainbow assortment of bunnies with the words "Inside we're all the same" and a picture of a peep with the words "Chillin' with my peeps." I've always been partial to the rainbow peep one because it's so very gay. They still have both of those in the store but, this year, they also have a comic book style line that says "Super Peeps" and looks like this. These shirts are cute and if I had a little kid, I'd have him/her in one of these Super Fast!


The only other peepified thing I would consider buying is this ultra soft, peep beach towel. It's large and plush and I bet it would be lovely to lie on at the pool while listening to a book on tape to block out the sound of splashing and squealing children. They also have the same print available in a fleece blanket which might be a better bet for the pool since it's still snowing here in April.



Last but not least, they are now selling bags of Peep Minis. I first came across the Peep Minis at Halloween a couple of years ago. They are simply miniature versions of peeps. They have the watermelon, strawberry and orange creme flavors available. Now, I have to be honest - my experience with the mini peeps is that they are not as soft and springy as the standard size peeps. For those who like them stale (and yes - there are debates as to whether or not they are better eaten fresh or stale), mini peeps might be a good option.



That is my report from the field. There are plenty of exciting things to see at The Peep Store and if you ever get a chance to go to one, wear sunglasses because there is a lot of neon!