iPhone Mysteries

I got an iPhone a few months ago. I can't even tell you specifically when I got my phone because I can't remember life without it. Now, my life is filled with effortless tweeting and picture taking and texting and emailing and music and emoticons. I know there are a million things that my phone can do that I simply haven't figured out yet. Maybe it could even make a pot of coffee for me if I leave it by the coffee pot before bedtime. Maybe it could bring me breakfast in bed. Maybe I could use it to make phone calls! The point is that I am still learning about many of its features.

When I was at reunion, my friend Fleur said, "Vikki, remind me to go back to the bookstore and by the t-shirt tomorrow." I sipped my vodka tonic and said, "I will never remember to remind you of that." But then I remembered that you can set reminders in an iPhone! I picked up my phone and told it to set a reminder to tell Fleur to buy that shirt. I then went in to reminders to make sure that it was there and it was...along with a list of other reminders.

At some point, I had entered the following:

  1. Be nice
  2. No talking about drugs
  3. No lying
  4. No sneaking
  5. No swearing

And while those were great reminders as to how to behave while at reunion, I have no recollection of ever having entered them. That said, they were also vaguely familiar and I believe they were guidelines I had given to Miguel at some point.

Today, when I went in to the reminders to screen cap that list, there was a new reminder:










Everyone needs to remember "Hou to do division" and whoever wrote that needs to remember  "Hou to spell" as well.

With this new reminder, I suspect that the iCloud is behind these mysteries. The kids must know how to use the app better than I do because I got the reminder to tell Fleur to buy that shirt A WEEK AFTER WE HAD LEFT. I need a reminder to read up on how to set reminders.

Up Popped A Wallet

A couple of years ago, Luisa bought me a new wallet and...well...I didn't like it. I put all of my stuff in it and tucked it into my bag but always carried my driver's license, cash card and credit card in my back pocket. Eventually, she noticed and said, "You don't like that wallet, do you?" and I had to admit that I didn't. The trouble was that I hadn't found any wallet that I really liked. I told Luisa that I wanted something unique and just hadn't found it. She said that I wanted a wallet that didn't exist. As time went on, I came to agree with her. Then, I reconnected with my college pal, Anne, and saw her funky vinyl creations and wondered if maybe she could make the wallet of my dreams. And she did. She made me a custom fox wallet. She worked with me closely on every little detail and you can see the finished product in the picture with this post. A sparkly fox wallet. Who knew it was possible?

So, thanks to Anne for her patience. I was not an easy customer. Rumor has it that I'm hard to buy for - just ask Luisa.