iPhone Mysteries

I got an iPhone a few months ago. I can't even tell you specifically when I got my phone because I can't remember life without it. Now, my life is filled with effortless tweeting and picture taking and texting and emailing and music and emoticons. I know there are a million things that my phone can do that I simply haven't figured out yet. Maybe it could even make a pot of coffee for me if I leave it by the coffee pot before bedtime. Maybe it could bring me breakfast in bed. Maybe I could use it to make phone calls! The point is that I am still learning about many of its features.

When I was at reunion, my friend Fleur said, "Vikki, remind me to go back to the bookstore and by the t-shirt tomorrow." I sipped my vodka tonic and said, "I will never remember to remind you of that." But then I remembered that you can set reminders in an iPhone! I picked up my phone and told it to set a reminder to tell Fleur to buy that shirt. I then went in to reminders to make sure that it was there and it was...along with a list of other reminders.

At some point, I had entered the following:

  1. Be nice
  2. No talking about drugs
  3. No lying
  4. No sneaking
  5. No swearing

And while those were great reminders as to how to behave while at reunion, I have no recollection of ever having entered them. That said, they were also vaguely familiar and I believe they were guidelines I had given to Miguel at some point.

Today, when I went in to the reminders to screen cap that list, there was a new reminder:










Everyone needs to remember "Hou to do division" and whoever wrote that needs to remember  "Hou to spell" as well.

With this new reminder, I suspect that the iCloud is behind these mysteries. The kids must know how to use the app better than I do because I got the reminder to tell Fleur to buy that shirt A WEEK AFTER WE HAD LEFT. I need a reminder to read up on how to set reminders.