TIDTWWISHBW Vol. 1, Issue 2


The Birds

There is a light dusting of snow on the branches outside my window.

A pair of cardinals flit about in the tree, flashes of color piercing the dull gray day.

I've watched the cardinals all winter and heard their calls.

I know them; They have been my companions.

Recently, I've noticed the songs of other birds, the harbingers of Spring and Summer.

I am filled with hope but then the wind shifts and more snow falls and I am left with only one thought -

"Stupid fucking birds".

This poem was supposed to be a consolation prize for my lack of blogging this week but I am a horrible poet so it's not much of a prize. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

It has been a very busy week which partially explains why I did not blog. Somehow, I did find a few minutes here and there to do a bunch of other things that were not blogging and working on my book-like thing. So, I thought I would do another list of Things I Did This Week When I Should Have Been Writing!

I now present this week's Top 10 TIDTWWISHBW!

  1. Ate a peanut butter cookie in bed.
  2. Went to Galit's house to cast the Listen To Your Mother Show (announcement coming soon) and ate soup and spinach and M&M's and hung out with her dog, Louie.
  3. Went out with a friend for coffee and had a double shot of espresso late in the day and then couldn't sleep and spent most of the night convincing myself that I cannot write and wondering if I should put in an application at Subway.
  4. Applied at Subway. (No, not really).
  5. Wrote about same-sex marriage. Again.
  6. Made a casserole from the original Moosewood Cookbook and traveled back in time to 1990. Woke up with an Indigo Girls hangover and a strong desire to discuss the nutritional merits of brewer's yeast.
  7. Tracked sharks on the daily. My new favorite Great White Shark is Mary Lee. She is heading to the Bahamas! Save me a place on the beach, Mary Lee!
  8. Took a lot of really long showers - the kind that use all the hot water and then someone (like maybe a partner) comes up to you after and says "I'm going to take a shower" and you say, "I used all the hot water but that's okay because you are tough and I like that about you."
  9. Felt nostalgic about my pre-teen appreciation for Styx and watched this video.
  10. Talked to the artist mentor through my Beyond the Pure grant about procrastination and discipline. He dropped some wisdom on me and then told me that I needed to figure out why I procrastinate. Then, I figured it out - fear. Still thinking about that and still procrastinating.

I will leave you with the following video because the peeps...they are coming...