Familiar Patterns

IMG_1859 Yesterday was not my best day.

The hours slipped away and I can't tell you how I spent them exactly. By the time I picked Zeca up from school, I was feeling very disappointed in myself because I am supposed to be working on an essay but haven't worked on it at all this week.

Now, I could have worked on it last night but I was too busy being annoyed with myself.

I should be working on my essay right this very minute. In fact, when Luisa left to run errands an hour ago, I told her that I was going to do just that.

But she just arrived back home and we had this conversation...

Luisa: How is the writing going?

Me: I'm blogging.

Luisa: What are you blogging about?

Me (laughing): Procrastination.

Luisa: At least you took a shower!

Luisa has the right attitude! I may never finish my book but I will smell fresh!

So...yes...I am writing about procrastination which has been my constant companion in recent years. I hope to get over it (for now) and get back to writing by sharing my list of Things I've Done This Week When I Should Have Been Writing (TIDTWWISHBW for short). Exciting, right? Maybe it will become a regular feature!

Let's do this! The top 10 TIDTWWISHBW!

  1. Ate a brownie.
  2. Found one of Momo's whiskers and marveled at it for a few minutes.
  3. Tweeted about monchichis and raisins. Not together. Monchichis hate raisins.
  4. Tracked Lydia the Shark.
  5. Worked on all things Listen To Your Mother! (By the way, tickets are on sale now! There is a link and everything!)
  6. Wrote about Democrats raising Republicans at Lesbian Family.
  7. Listened to retro video game ringtones. All of them.
  8. Considered scrapping my current book to write a screenplay that's a cross between The Big Chill and National Lampoon's Vacation.
  9. Posted on Facebook about Cara Cara oranges multiple times and then responded to every single comment.
  10. Read the entire internet instead of reading that stupid Stephen King book.

I was just on Facebook to check in with the whole Cara Cara orange discussion and saw this video posted by Alexandra. It inspired me to write so I'm going to go do that now but, before I go, I'm going to watch it one more time.

Just once.


Okay, maybe twice.