A Different Perspective

Self-portrait of the Photographer

Traveling with kids can be challenging. They aren't always interested in the same things that you are. They make countless demands and, in your mind, have misplaced priorities. They get tired and crabby and you have to adjust your plans accordingly. They slow you down.

Traveling with kids can also be amazing. They surprise you with things you didn't realize they knew. You can be reading from a guide book about the temple standing before you and your kid might sit down and tell you the story of Romulus and Remus. You might notice a bird overhead and your kid will tell you something you didn't know about peregrine falcons. They will stop to watch a cat lying in the sun as if they are seeing a cat for the very first time. They slow you down.

What do kids notice when they visit a new place? What captures their attention? Give a kid a camera and you just might see things from a different perspective.