Not So Dreamy

I have several recurring dreams that are quite stressful: 1) I look in the mirror and my teeth are broken or rotten and falling out.

2) I am hanging out at work and suddenly realize that I am topless.

3) I have to write a paper comparing two epic books and I have not read either of them and can't find copies at the bookstore or library and the paper is due the next day.

4) I am driving up a winding mountain road, miss a curve and drive off the mountain.

5) I also have this weird thing where I'm convinced a spider has fallen in the bed but I think that might be more of a sleep induced hallucination than a dream since I usually start throwing the bedding off the bed trying to find the spider.

Today, while eating a soft little turkey wrap, I broke one of my teeth. I BROKE A TOOTH. I can only expect that tomorrow I will wake up thinking there is a spider in my bed and then I'll realize that I have a paper due comparing the Bible to War and Peace and I will then get to work and realize that, in my stress over the spider and Tolstoy, that I forgot to get dressed and when I drive home to put on clothes, I will drive off of a mountain even though I live in the flat lands.

I broke a front tooth! No one can really tell but me but still - the tooth, she is broken. I don't know what you do about such a thing but, if I have to have it pulled, then I will not leave my house until someone somehow replaces it because I am as vain as they come and I can't go out without a tooth. This kids and I were discussing this tonight and I told them that I might get a gold tooth and become a rapper. Zeca said in her most serious voice, "Mom...I really think you should go for a white tooth instead."

Why can't the good dreams come true? Like that one I had about Angelina Jolie...