Peep Week - Day 2

There are several new Peep products this year and we are tasting every single one of them. We're only tasting the edible ones, of course. It's hard to get people to taste Peep erasers or plush toys. Honestly, it's hard to get people to taste Peeps.

Last year, Just Born introduced chocolate covered Peeps and we taste-tested them while on vacation in Colorado. I was not a fan partially because they were too sweet but also because they did not really use Peeps. It was a different chick shape entirely. This year, Just Born introduced chocolate dipped Peeps. "What's the difference?" you ask. Well, these are real Peeps and only the bottoms are dipped in chocolate. They come two in a pack so they don't get lonely. It's a little known fact that Peeps are pack animals and require the close proximity of other Peeps in order to  feel happy and secure.

This picture shows three in a pack which, as far as I can tell, is a bold-faced lie. I have only seen packs of two. But aren't they cute with their little chocolate bottoms?
I gathered some of my colleagues at work together for a taste test. I must apologize to them for this most unfortunate thumbnail. I have no idea how to change it so they will be stuffing their mouths until the end of time.
I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality. You can barely hear the taste-testers but you can hear every crazy thing I say and my weird dolphin laugh is evident once again. You'll have to have the volume on high to hear the taste-testers but then I'll be screaming and cackling in your ears. there are no easy answers here. So - go ahead and push play and we'll all just hope for the best. 

In my not so very humble opinion, these chocolate-dipped Peeps are the best product Just Born has put out since the original. The chocolate is of good quality and it actually makes the Peep better. If you happen to go out and buys these, let me know what you think.