Peep Week - Day 1

 Welcome to Peep Week 2011! I have some exciting things planned for the week but it is always best to ease into Peep Week. I think I have become known as a Peep Lady which is kinda like a Cat Lady but with less fur, meowing and loneliness. Because of my reputation as someone with a strange fascination with peeps, people send me every peep-related thing they run across and I love it.

So, today, I'll be sharing all those links with you!

  • Jil sent me the link to the winning entry of the Washington Post's Peep Diorama contest - a recreation of the Chilean mine rescue. I was going to withhold my opinion but then remembered that this is my blog! So, what did I think? I hated it. I'm not keen on peepifying something like that but, more importantly, they altered the hell out of those peeps! They glued eyes on them and they might have given them some sort of lipo.
  • Beth W. shared a link to a site called Peep Drinks. The Peepmopolitan looks pretty good. That said, Up Popped A Fox has its own cocktail that will be revealed later in the week.
  • @princessdtiara sent me the Washington Post link but also ran across a place that serves Peep Sundaes. From the picture, it seems that the peep is only a garnish but you never know. If anyone tries it, report back.
  • @mrs_push sent me to the Cooking Channel blog for their peeptacular desserts and they look delicious, especially that lemon tart. Someone should make that for me. Also, a comment on that blog sent me to a recipe for peep mousse. I'm not a big mousse fan but if someone tries it, I'd love to hear about it.
  • @mpcardenas found a link to someone who channels Mondrian and Van Gogh in peep art.   

Last but certainly not least, my friend Renee and her sister entered the Pioneer Press Peep Diorama contest with their incredible Peepsaria:

Head over to the site and throw some votes their way! Voting ends on 4/20/11.

Oh and look...Up Popped Peaches and Coconuts! Deborah came for a visit and, given that its Peep Season, I made her...I mean she begged to try one.


As you can see from her reaction, she loved them!

Peeps...bringing the world together... Happy Peep Week everyone!