Peep Week - Day 3

This post requires some disclaimers, so, let's attend to those first. Disclaimer #1: I wanted to be behind the camera on this one and wanted Luisa to participate in the taste test. However, she refused to let a Peepster pass her precious little lips which means that I to appear in this one.

Disclaimer #2: I am not camera-ready and by that I mean that I am wearing a baggy sweatshirt. I also mean that I am NOT wearing a bra.

Disclaimer #3: Why would I ever allow myself to be filmed without a bra? Well, I felt like shit. I had a stiff neck and a few little back spasms and the thought of having to put on a bra seemed daunting.

Disclaimer #4: It is true that I could have skipped the filming but it is Peep Week and it's crunch time! Every other night is busy with filming and/or editing so I had to do it.

Disclaimer #5: So, watch at your own risk.

In today's video, we are tasting Peepsters which sounds like some sort of porn candy or candy porn, the sketchy cousin of candy corn.

I swear I'm not on drugs. Unless ibuprofen counts. Then, I am high!

Let's just watch, shall we?

Based on this thumbnail, I have decided that YouTube searches your video for the most unflattering screen cap and uses that one.