Have Gerbil Brain, Will Twitter

I'm always short on time. I want more time. Heck, I need more time. If I could save time in a bottle, I'd be thrilled except that I'd probably trip and break the bottle and my time would spill out all over the place and I'd weep while sitting amongst the bottle shards. Crying over spilled time is probably much worse than spilled milk. I guess, maybe, I could save time in a plastic bottle and then if I dropped it, nothing bad would happen. Plastic just doesn't seem right, though. I mean, time deserves glass. Anyway, time is of the essence though I've diluted the essence by going off on the Jim Croce reference. Sorry to drag you along...I guess I'm mean that way. One might say, mean as a junk yard dog.  Anyway, I work full-time and I have two active kids and I blog and I am now a Maker of Movies and I have completely surrendered to Facebook. When I sit around and survey my life, I sip a cocktail while Luisa fans me with palm fronds and I think, "Whatever will I do with this excess of free time?" So, what's a woman to do? Well, twitter of course. That's right, I'm twittering. I've embraced my gerbil brain and am going to share with you all of the inane thoughts that pop into my head in a day. Really, I shouldn't have to endure them alone. So, if you are the twittering sort...follow me...


I am sure you are filled with many questions so I will read your mind and answer them:

What is Twitter?

A time sucker or, as my twittery friend LookyDaddy says, "It's a time vortex of evil".

Why, Vikki? Why?

I can't answer your @#&%!@& "whys".*

Do you really think we want to read your random thoughts?

No, not really...which makes my decision to do it even more bizarre.

Who do you think you are?

I don't know but I'll take suggestions.  

Will the Steelers win the Superbowl?

I know the answer but can't say because my opinions on Steeler's games apparently have the power to alter the future.

What's Twitter again?

If you've forgotten already, Twitter is perfect for you.

*This is actually a line from a TV show. See if you can track down the rest of the line. I'll give you a hint: Mary Poppins is part of the punchline.