1987 - You Cruel Beast

You are all voyeurs. I know this because many of you wrote to me and told me that you read my blog because you like peeping in my virtual windows. I get it. I do that too, except I do it to my real neighbors. I watch my Gay Neighbors to the north and my Anachronistic Neighbors to the south - none of us have shades and I take that to be informed consent. I get the better deal because they lead much more interesting lives than I do. Look in my window on any given day and you’ll see the same thing: a shocked look on my face, my hands flying around in the air wildly and the kids staring at me blankly. I try to do a little better here but blogging has taken a back seat to video editing lately, so, there hasn’t been much to peep around here. You deserve to see me prance around in my underwear while singing with great zeal into a banana. I owe you some good material…something that makes your little voyeuristic hearts sing. But what? Oh…wait a minute…how ‘bout this?  







Yes, that is me, my friends. I’m the one on the left just to make sure it’s clear. Are you satisifed?