Champagne Anyone?

Come on in and let me pour you a glass or ten so that we can all toast to brighter days. Let's drink to the Democrats taking the House and Nancy Pelosi becoming the first woman Speaker of the House.

Let's drink to the new Democratic Senators who may damn well give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate.

Let's drink to Rumsfeld's resignation.

To all the local readers, let's drink to the Minnesota House and Senate going Democrat (along with many of the State offices).

And let's drink to Minnesota electing its first woman senator, Amy Klobuchar, and its first African-American U.S. Representative, Keith Ellison.

Drink all you want and feel free to dance on the tables. This is the most hopeful election in a long time. I resolve to enjoy this for a few days before I start thinking about Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Wisconsin's new ban on same-sex marriage and the fact that elections should just not be this close.

Kristin said...
You forgot Instant Runoff!

I realize that Michelle Bachman is a lunatic, but she won't do much damage with Nancy in charge.

And, Tim, with his lonely executive branch.

11:13 AM

sarah g said...

11:18 AM

Colleen said...
This is truly a joyful day, and an increase in the mileage will help me pay for my next glass of champagne too!

11:33 AM

sarah g said...
hey, did you hear rumsfeld resigned? wait. oh.

12:54 PM