Flip Flops for All

Luisa returned from Mozambique and brought gifts for all of us. She bought some beautiful hand carved masks, bowls and serving utensils. She also bought several richly colored batik prints. She also brought these:

We are now the flip flop family. The flip flops have tiny flags of Mozambique on them. The smallest pair, for Zeca, is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. So cute, in fact, that they deserve a close up:

The only thing cuter than the baby flip flops is Zeca's fat little feet in them. "Flip flops for a child less than 2?" you ask. Yes...she has always wanted a pair of her own. The moment Luisa pulled them out of the suitcase, Zeca dropped the toy she was playing with and exclaimed in delight, "Zeca's shoes!"

Kristin said...
I need a Foot Loaf photo.

7:34 AM

sarah g said...
me too! family flops. i think flip flops represent a philosophy of life... in an everything's- gonna- be-all-right kind of way. i will worry, however, if you all head out to a jimmy buffett show this summer.

1:24 PM