Civic Duty

I have voted in every election since I turned 18. I still remember the very first time I voted. I clutched my "Susie Sunflower's Guide to Voting in Kansas" pamphlet and went to the polls with my father. He told me who to vote for in all of the small local races and I remember voting the exact opposite just to spite him. Years later, after his death, I learned that my father was a Republican. So, in 1986, I voted straight Democrat for the first time in my life. I used to take pride in voting and enjoyed the excitement of Election Day but, in recent years, Election Day has been a disappointment. I am beginning to think that Susie Sunflower lied to me when she said that my vote counted. Maybe I am getting older and am no longer naive when it comes to party politics in this country. Maybe I am tired of voting for the person who is least dangerous instead of voting for the person who truly represents my values. Maybe I am tired of close elections in which there are so many allegations of people being denied their right to vote. Maybe I am tired of conspiracy theories. More than anything, though, I think I am just plain tired of my candidates losing.

I am waiting for my faith in the system to be renewed. Will today be the day?

Luisa said...
Nice blog - I hope that your faith in voting is restored today as well or it'll be sad going to work on Thursday. I voted absentee for the first time and kind of liked it, maybe I'll just start doing it on a regular basis, even if I am in town - although then you don't get the "cool" "I voted" sticker :-)

11:26 AM

Anonymous said...

11:02 PM

Luisa said...
Well, I just logged in Amsterdan and saw that the Star Tribune called the race for Pawlenty at 2am - bummer. At least it looks like nationally things were shaken up a bit.

1:36 AM

Nina said...
I totally agree about the voting for who could beat someone you don't want, rather than voting for your beliefs. I heard Jimmy Carter on the radio saying that the US system of unfair candidate representation makes it one of the lower ones in the world for voting standards.

7:14 AM

Melissa said...
This was the most frustrating election year I've been able to vote in. I'm in Missouri and we had so very many negative campaigns.

8:33 AM