The Good: Vol. 7

1. During the last week of February, Galit and I held auditions for the 5th Annual Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities show. We listened to nearly 50 women share their stories and then had to choose which ones would be shared from the stage on May 4th of this year. It is always such an honor to spend so much time wrapped in words and It's never easy to cast the show but you can head over to our LTYM page and see this year's cast and to buy your tickets. They're going fast!

2. This week, somewhere in my online travels, I ran across this Instragram account and fell in love with the miniature scenes the artist creates. Here is one example:

Photo Credit:  Tatsuya Tanaka

Photo Credit: Tatsuya Tanaka

I am fascinated by the creativity and imagination and could get lost in all of them. 

3. We just started watching The Great British Bake Off as a family and we can't get enough of it. We've always loved cooking shows but we grew bored with Chopped and then our tastes in shows diverged (We could not reach across the great divide of our opinions on Cutthroat Kitchen). The GBBO has reunited us and we all find it so relaxing. No yelling. People helping each other. Real people doing their best. The British accents help too. Most people already watch but if you don't, give it a try. The first three seasons are on Netflix. On your mark. Get set. BAKE!

4. I love the voice mail transcription that iPhones now provide. I hate voice mail almost as much as talking on the phone but transcription allows me to simply read the gist of the voice mail. If it's an appointment reminder, I know I don't even had to listen! Think of all of the milliseconds this bit of technology has shaved from my daily responsibilities! Think of the things I can do with all that time - like scratch my nose or blink! Recently, I received an robo call from Zeca's school and the transcription was as follows:

I'm still laughing. Zeca. Jack off. Same same.

5. After an unseasonably warm couple of weeks, cold weather has returned to Minnesota. So, if you need me, I'll be here (mentally).

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich