The Good: Vol. 6

There were times when the kids were small when everything felt hard, when we had to do everything for them and couldn't imagine they'd ever be able to do things for themselves. But I look back now and know that independence comes in small, barely noticeable increments. It happens so slowly that it feels like one day you are teaching them to wave and say "bye bye" and the next you are talking about term limits. One day, they are soft and chubby and the next you catch them admiring their abs in the mirror. One day, you are carrying them on your hip wherever you go and the next they are lifting you up as you try to do a pull-up.  

My baby turns 12 tomorrow and while I can barely remember my life without her, I still can't believe it's truly been that long since she came into our lives. I won't bore you with the details of the person she is becoming, in part because it is her story to tell, not mine. I can tell you that she challenges me, that she makes me think more critically about my own preconceived notions of girlhood and womanhood, of strength and power. She is like me and completely different at the same time. She is familiar but a revelation.

During these difficult and uncertain times, my kids are so much of what's good, not simply because of the joy they bring to my life but because they give me so much hope for the future. So, I went through old videos looking for something to bring a smile to my face and maybe to yours too. There were many but this one captures so much of who Zeca was and who she still is - a little bit fierce, a little bit funny and someone who brings music into the world. Watch for the eyebrows at the end. (Video shared with permission.)

How about that video quality? I don't remember what camera we used back then but it looks like we were shooting underwater. 

Hug the kids in your life a little tighter today (but not for too long or they'll roll their eyes at you) and have a great weekend! Bow!