I spent the afternoon scoring and roasting chestnuts. Peeling them is a tedious process and it never goes as well as I hope it will. The fact that I still have hope after years of roasting them means that I am either dumb or an optimist. I this I'll go with the latter because that proves it!

Whenever I roast chestnuts, I think of the first time I had them way back in 1999 while we were in Portugal. Those chestnuts remain my ideal and mine always fall short. 

With the turkey brined and the gravy base cooling, with the roasted chestnuts chopped and ready to be turned into stuffing, the holidays have begun. And tonight, we are going downtown to have dinner and see The Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. 

This is what is keeping me warm...good food, good company, and the tiniest bit of holiday cheer.