It's sleeting - let's watch videos!

It's sleeting here in Minnesota. It's gray and wet and icy and I spent the afternoon driving around in it and hating every minute. It seems like just yesterday that I was reveling in the beautiful Minnesota weather and now here we are. Cold and sleet. I'll take snow over this any day. 

Today is the perfect day for soup and good bread followed by a cup of hot tea and Netflix. It's also the perfect day to take your daughter shoe shopping. I'm kidding - it's not. It's the worst day to take your daughter shoe shopping and yet that's exactly what I'll be doing this evening. 

I hope that you are all tucked into your cozy places with a cup of whatever comforts you and are about to binge watch something you love. I only have time to watch the video below. I watched it before the election and have watched it a few times since. I love Sara Bareilles in general but this specifically. Stay warm for me!