Savoir Faire Is Everywhere


Last week, we went to Hayward, Wisconsin to see the sights…and by "sights" I mean "weird things." We stopped into a candy store and the lady behind the counter asked if we'd seen the Largest Muskie - a real one that had been caught, stuffed and mounted. We had not seen this 7th wonder of the freshwater world so we headed into town to see it. We saw a sign on the front of a bar and pulled into the parking lot and looked around for the entrance to the "museum" but couldn't find it. Someone said, "I think the entrance to the museum is inside the bar."

Nope. The "museum" was inside the bar.

So, we spent some time with our children in a dive bar in Wisconsin looking at taxidermied wildlife while the midday drinkers looked at us. The kids found the "exhibits" interesting but not as interesting as they found the bar patrons. As we walked out, Miguel said, "Mom! Some of those people were drunk!"

Museums really are educational.

Here is a lovely collage of some of the museum's offerings:


 Where have I been when not visiting museums? I've been at VillageQ channeling Clark Griswold and talking about giant muskies! I've been at the HuffingPost writing about family dinners and same-sex marriage. I've been on the Mom2.0Summit blog answering questions about writing and fear. And I've been hard at work on Listen To Your Mother.

Do you remember Tennessee Tuxedo? Klondike Cat? Savoir Faire. I feel at little like Savoir Faire so I dug up this old intro and reveled in a bit of nostalgia.

And where will I be next week? Right here. For Peep Week 2014. See you then.