Peep Week 2014 - Day 1


Peep Week began in 2006 which means that this is the 8th anniversary of peepy celebrations here at Up Popped A Fox. I still remember Luisa saying at the time, "You're going to lose readers if you write about peeps all the time." But I had very few readers back then so it wasn't like I had much to lose. Peep Week has evolved over time, morphing from a peep picture or fact a day to a series of recipes, product tests and the occasional peep outing. I mean an outing that involves finding peeps in their natural environment (like the Mall of America) not outing peeps because I do not support outing of any kind. So here we are - 8 years in - and Peep Week continues to take on a life of its own and the the question that keeps floating into my mind is "What if I run out of things to do with peeps? What then?"

Thankfully, Just Born keeps churning out new flavors for us to try so we have plenty to do in 2014. In this first video of Peep Week 2014, the kids try the new flavor - sour watermelon Peeps. I've only seen these at the Peep Store so I don't know how easy it is to find them elsewhere. Let me know if you've seen them - I'm curious.

Welcome to Peep Week. Enjoy.