Election Day 2012

This is it - election day. I woke up this morning and had some coffee while watching all of the voting tweets start up on Twitter. I was overwhelmed with emotion by the pure joy that voting can instill in us, by the idea that we have a voice - no matter how tiny it may seem at times.

It filled me with excitement and optimism. When I woke up the kids, I told them that I was feeling lucky. Miguel asked, "How so?" I said, "We've got this, baby. I just feel like we've got this."

I will be spending my day at one of the Minnesota United for All Families action centers. Then, I will pick up the kids from school and take them with me to the polls. They want to be there, to watch me cast my vote. Miguel actually suggested I "sneak" a couple of extra ballots for him and Zeca so I had to explain that it's just not that easy.

Tonight, we will spend our evening watching the returns with our chosen family - 8 adults and 7 kids. I put a bottle of champagne in the fridge this morning and I plan on popping that cork tonight. My friend, Susan, asked me how much we had to win to open that champagne and, for tonight, I'll take the presidency.

And if things do not go our way...

Keep the faith.

Respect each other.

Love each other.


p.s. I may be tweeting the best of the kid commentary tonight. Maybe. You can follow me here.