Lesbian Family Launch!

I am very excited to announce that the new and improved Lesbian Family launched today and I will be a contributing editor for the site. That means that I'll be posting there weekly and helping out around the place as needed. Here is the little blurb describing the vision:

We’re a group-authored site, with contributors publishing original or Lesbian Family community-sourced content weekly and monthly.  We also invite bloggers from the community of blogs listed here–and beyond–to submit original or cross-posted pieces about LGBT families and the issues that affect us all.

My introductory post is up so go check it out...unless you hate references to Ricardo Montalban and Fantasy Island and, if that's the case, my heart breaks for you.

There are many great people involved and you can check them out here.

I also want to thank Mabel's Labels for sponsoring the site. This is not a sponsored post and they did not ask me to pimp them out here. I'm doing so because they signed on and I believe in supporting businesses that support families like mine.

So go forth and read and comment and contribute! Guidelines on how to do all that are on the About page. Well, there are no guidelines for how to read. You're on your own with that but I recommend reading while reclining on a cloud. So cozy.