I have had a cold and a lot of nasal congestion and I have chosen to share this struggle with you because I am a giver. Don't worry though, you can't catch my cold through the internet. I don't think you can. Actually, I make no promises because my legal budget is small. Yesterday morning, I woke after a night of mouth breathing and stumbled downstairs to start my day. I was thrilled to see that Zeca had already made a pot of coffee and, while it finished brewing, I went into the bathroom to blow my nose.

I blew and I blew and then when I stopped, my nose started dripping - three clear droplets fell onto my beloved hoodie. I have never had anything drip from my nose in my entire lifetime and these droplets were just like water.

I came to the only possibly conclusion: I was losing cerebrospinal fluid.

This was obviously disconcerting because I'm pretty sure that your brain needs that watery goodness to keep it all cozy in your brain box. Plus, if you brain dries out, it probably looks like a bad walnut. Have you ever cracked open a walnut to find it all black and shriveled? I could not face the idea that my brain would end up like a bad walnut.

Now some of you may be wondering why I would assume that I was losing cerebrospinal fluid rather than assuming that I simply had a runny nose. For the confused, I submit the following exhibits:

A. This entire blog documents my wacky and adorably neurotic nature.

B. As I mentioned, I had NEVER had anything drip from my nose.

C. When Miguel fractured his skull last December, the trauma doctor told us that if we noticed water dripping from his nose to get him to the ER as soon as possible because it would likely be cerebrospinal fluid and he would need surgery.

So I sat in the bathroom wondering if my brain was leaking. I did a little assessment of my cognitive faculties and, delusional concerns about leaking brain fluid aside, I seemed to be in tact cognitively. I decided that the best course of action was to drink coffee and monitor the dripping.

There was no more dripping. I didn't die. Most likely, my brain does not look like a shriveled walnut.

Now, I just have to accept that I'm a little gross for letting my nose drip onto my hoodie.

The End

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