Peep Week 2012 - Day 3

Last year, several peeple sent me links about Peep Sushi (Peepshi) so I thought I'd try making it this year. My first step was to find a sucker to help me which turned out to be easier than I thought. My friend, Kristen Brown, actually makes delicious real sushi so I thought I'd start by asking her to help and she graciously agreed. I didn't even have to bribe her!

We used this website for general instructions and just winged it. Kristen took her role as chef very seriously, measuring and molding and making sure that the Peepshi looked as good as possible. She showed great attention to detail despite the fact that I was standing beside her saying, "It doesn't matter! Just plop it on there!"

We worked well together until she tried to put parsley in one of them and I had to draw the line. Peep Week desserts cannot have any natural ingredients!

Isn't it pleasing to the eye? But is it pleasing to the palate? It turned out better than I expected and was edible (which was also a surprise). I would say that the quality of your Peepshi all comes down to the quality of your Fruit Roll Ups. The better the fruit roll up, the better the Peepshi. Write that down...that is some Peep wisdom right there.