Peep Week 2012 - Day 4

There are many recipes out there for making your own Peeps. Every single one of them seems messy and time consuming so I have never had any interest in trying to make them. Until now.

Luisa is out of town and the kids are on Spring Break and I have completely overextended myself so it seemed like the perfect time to take on a labor intensive project!

Martha Stewart has a recipe that looks amazing but I still have PTSD from The Great Spider Web Egg Debacle of 2007 so I passed on that one and went with this one instead.

There are some things you should know about this video. One - the camera adds 10 pounds. Two - my shirt apparently adds 10 pounds too. Three - I had to shoot it myself which means that the footage required a lot of editing. Four - I'm short on time and couldn't spend as much time editing as I would have liked.

The video is long. You don't have to watch it. Of course, I'll know if you don't. How will I know? Because I'm omniscient on Thursdays.

The video is family friendly because I edited out the swearing.

You're welcome.

Untitled from Vikki Reich on Vimeo.