Christmas Vandals

Holiday baking with the children usually ends in an explosion of bickering and rage but, yesterday, we baked our first few batches of cookies without incident. As we measured and mixed ingredients, we chatted casually about our favorite things about Christmas and imagined what Christmas might be like when they are older.

Me: Do you think you'll want to come home for Christmas when you're in college?

Zeca: I'll always want to come home for Christmas!

Miguel: Well, I might not. I might want to spend it with my girlfriend.

Me: Well, your girlfriends and boyfriends will always be welcome here for Christmas.

Miguel: Really? What if my girlfriend likes to vandalize trucks?

Me: Well, I would hope that you wouldn't have a girlfriend that liked to do that sort of thing.

Zeca: I;d probably vandalize trucks.

Miguel: Zeca! You could go to jail.

Zeca: Well, I wouldn't do it in college...probably just high school.

The future looks bright, people - so very bright.