The Prodigal Blogger

I blogged every day in November and once in December. That seems to be the way it goes with me. When I force myself to blog regularly, the posts come easily. When I allow myself to take a break, I stop blogging completely. I miss blogging when I'm not doing it but then I get all angsty and weird and have conversations with myself about losing my "voice" and start telling myself that I've lost my ability to write and tell a story and to be funny and then I put so much pressure on myself that I become immobilized. I think I've mentioned this once of one thousand times before. So, here I am...trying to get back on track with a post that has virtually no "voice", no story and no humor. Aren't you glad I'm back?

The end of December was cray. I use the word "cray" because I've been listening to Watch the Throne a lot. But I digress...

Miguel and Zeca had a martial arts demonstration on 12/17 but, while waiting to perform, Zeca developed an ear ache and Luisa took her to Urgent Care. Miguel and I stayed for him to do his thing. His thing included this:

What the video failed to capture is that, after falling to the ground, he flipped himself back onto his feet. When he does stuff like this, I am in awe. Probably because I spent my childhood tripping over my own feet and falling off things. Poor Zeca didn't get to perform which was a big disappointment because she had been practicing. Instead, she got to sit in Urgent Care for hours and then got antibiotics for an ear infection.

A couple of days later, Miguel came home from school with a rash all over his cheeks. I pretended he had rosy cheeks and declared him to be festive! After dinner, however, he said his stomach itched and he pulled up his shirt to reveal a rash all over his torso. It looked like strep so Luisa took him to Urgent Care. It turned out to be a virus that was no longer contagious. Yay.

Two days after that, we got a call from school informing us that Miguel had rammed his head into a fence post diving for a football. They said he had cut his head. So, Luisa and I drove to school separately - I was going to pick up Zeca and her class pet (the gecko that we had previously donated to the school) and Luisa planned to take Miguel to the ER for stitches.

Long story short, Miguel got stitches for the cut but had to stay in the hospital over night because he fractured his skull. He is fine. It should also be noted that he caught the ball and held onto it. It's been almost two weeks and the stitches are out and all the bruising on his forehead, eye and face is gone. Kids are amazing. He can't do any physical activities for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Because Miguel is 1/2 Tigger and 1/2 Energizer Bunny - we are all despondent.

And that's what you missed on the holiday episode of Up Popped A Fox.

Now, let's get this blog biz going again, shall we?