Pretty Much the Same

I was searching through the drafts folder on this blog and ran across a post titled "Pretty Much the Same". It was dated 11/16/10 and I had absolutely no recollection of starting it but I'm the only one with access to this blog so I knew that I must have written it. I got kinda excited because I figured I was going to open it up and have access to some random thoughts of mine from a few months ago. I hesitated so that I could savor the moment right before a mission of mental time traveling. I clicked "edit" and it was empty. EMPTY! I was so disappointed. So, I have no idea what I was thinking about on 11/16/10 that was "Pretty Much the Same" though I did blog that day about tan M&M's. This haunts me - what in the hell was "pretty much the same"? That is why I'm turning to you. I'd like you to tell me what I was thinking about. It will be like choosing my own adventure except that it's more choosing my own thoughts and, actually, not at all like that because I'm asking you to choose my thoughts for me. Regardless, it sounds like fun. So, what was "pretty much the same" in November of 2010?