Oops I Did It Again

I forgot to blog yesterday and I can't even blame it on whiskey. I have absolutely no excuse especially because Luisa left the house with the kids at 9:30 a.m. and did not return until 6:30 p.m. That's right - I had all day to write. I did write - I just didn't blog. Kelly should have taken the coffee mug rather than this month of blogging every day since I've shorted her two days. But, let us not dwell! Let's talk about having 9 hours alone because that is a very nice thing. Yesterday, I wandered through the quiet house and did whatever I wanted. I wrote. I goofed around on the internet. I wrote some more. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I took a shower with no risk of interruption. It was so blissful. Then, I remembered that all of my days used to be like that before I had kids. It can be dangerous to get a glimpse of your life as it used to be because you just want more of it. I had 9 hours and then I wanted 9 more and 9 more after that and then I wanted ALL THE HOURS! But, alas, I am a mom and the children always come back...much like the Cat in the Hat. Kids are noisy and bossy and demanding. They can also be sweet and funny and cuddly. For example, Friday night, we had some friends over and the kids spontaneously dressed up like pirates and Miguel grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and bounced into the dining room pretending to swig from it while yelling, "Argh matey!" That is some funny stuff. Without kids, I wouldn't have had that moment. Mostly because Luisa refuses to dress up like a pirate for me. She's so cruel. So, my point is that you take the good; you take the bad; you take them both and there you have...kids. But let us not dwell!

Today, we went to the Art Sled Rally held right here in our little park. There were lots of great sleds and it made me want to make one next year. Whatever design I come up with will have bucket seats full of foam to protect me arse. Check out our pics here.