Earn Your Keep, People!

Did I tell you that I want to write a book? I think I might have mentioned that a million or so times but I'm not sure. Well, I met with my advisor through the Foreword program this morning and I think I am now going to write a book. Maybe. We'll see. Aren't I the picture of confidence? We talked about themes in my writing and then she asked about the stories I haven't told. She wondered if long-time readers of this blog had things they wanted me to write about and I admitted that I had absolutely no idea but this is a problem that is easily fixed, right? So, this is me asking you very seriously to think about a few questions:

Is there anything you have ever wanted to ask me? Is there a story that you wanted to know more about? Are there topics that you wish that I would cover? Is there anything you've been curious about but never mentioned?

Now is the time for everyone to come forward and comment. You don't have to be witty and entertaining - just answer the questions above or say anything you want about what you've read here. I promise that I won't bug you for feedback all the time but these are questions that only you can answer. So, go forth into the comment section and talk to me. Tomorrow, we'll get back to the important stuff like whether or not Ali's Volvo has a way back and if Amy K. finally took those clothes in the trunk to the Salvation Army.