Flush with Excitement

Someday, if you endure enough sassiness and disrespect, whining and complaining, insults and outrage, then you might be rewarded with a conversation like this one: Me: Zeca, head upstairs and start getting ready for bed.

Zeca(near tears): But MOM! You promised me that I could clean the toilets!

Me: You're right, honey. I did. Okay, I will let you clean the toilets before bed.

Zeca: Yay! You're the best mom ever!

That's right, Zeca loves to clean toilets and I am happy to let her.

Sorry for the short post but we spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair. It was cold and very windy. It was also crowded and there were anti-Obama t-shirts and pro-Emmer buttons and a pervasive smell of animal urine. So, we are happy to be home. I think I'll go bleach my nostrils and take a nap.

Have a great weekend!