Dream Sequence: Sleepover with Sara Ramirez

Last night, I had a dream that Luisa and I went home with Sara Ramirez. I'm not actually sure how this came to pass but we picked her up from the airport and we all went back to her apartment. This was obviously our first time there because we (and by "we", I mean "I") started snooping around as soon as Sara went to her bedroom to unpack a few things. Her apartment was very neat and beautifully furnished and she had an entire bookcase filled with skulls. Because I don't want you to think Dream Sara was tacky or weird, let me assure you that the skulls were quite classy. Many of them were crystal and some of them were filled with mysteriously squishy things that were clearly symbolic of brains but seemed more like balloons of various colors filled with gel. I know how they felt because I poked every single faux brain. Luisa did not touch, of course, and asked me not to touch either. But, what would you do if you encountered a case full of beautiful skulls in Sara Ramirez's apartment? I went through the shelves one by one and eventually came to two skulls that were real skulls and then I didn't really want to touch anymore. Dream Sara then came out of her bedroom and saw us pondering her collection and said, "Most of those were gifts" and then shrugged. She was quite beautiful when she shrugged and her hair was wet and shiny and she was wearing a hot cami and I'm sure she was wearing pants but I can't say for sure because I was absolutely mesmerized by her face and general hotness and then, she said, "You guys, I think I just found a nit on my pillow." I was like, "Are you sure?" Dream Sara was pretty sure and then showed Luisa what she had found and Luisa said nothing but went into the laundry room and started stuffing clothes into trash bags. Dream Sara was pretty freaked out and wanted to know how she could have possibly gotten lice and I told her all the ways that it can happen. Then, I knew that I was going to spend the evening nit-combing Dream Sara's hair. That is most certainly not how that dream was supposed to end. I woke up deeply disappointed - fucking lice ruined my three-way with Dream Sara Ramirez.