Crochet Madness!

Sometimes, my children have a difficult time entertaining themselves. I am sure that this is because I paid too much attention to them when they were babies. I was always, "Oh baby, look at this black and white book with the geometric shapes!" or "Sweetie, let mama play peek-a-boo with you for hours!" This was a huge tactical error on my part. Sure, they are smart and engaged little people but they expect so much now. Are they content to draw with crayons on the back of a torn envelope? No, they want to do elaborate crafts that require a glue gun, pipe cleaners and parental supervision. Will they play with the thousands of toys strewn about the house? No, they want me to play with them and, as much as I love my kids, I can only fly Star Wars ships around for so long. So, basically, I ruined them. Now, when I am unavailable, they roam around aimlessly like little huns, gnashing their teeth and trashin' the joint. They look kinda like this:

But, something wonderful has happened! A crochet craze is sweeping through their school and my kids are caught right up in it. They are crocheting like crazy people! They crochet in the morning before school, at breaks during school, all evening long and even in bed. Now, they look like this:

Now, my son can turn anything into a competitive sport. This is the child that joined a choir and tried to engage all of the other children in a little game called "Who Can Learn the Songs the Fastest and Make the Least Number of Mistakes?! I Bet It's Me BWAH HA HA!" Not surprisingly, he won. Yes, my son won at choir. Now, he has turned his attention to Competitive Crocheting and intends to out-crochet his classmates and possibly break a world record. He has Zeca working her fingers to nubbins to help. I'm fine with that. Im just happy that my little huns are engaged in something other than stalking me and pillaging the village. That gets so old. Now, I just have to keep them in yarn because I don't know what they'll do if we run out. They might put my head on a pole...but at least I'd probably be sporting a lovely crocheted hat.