Lezz-ay Faire

Well, I'd ask you all what you've been up to this past week but I know what you've been doing. You have been voting, pushing buttons like a sassy 3 year old on a sugar high! And, because of you, this blog won the Lezzy Award in the Parenting category.  Last year, I dubbed myself the bride's drunk cousin of the Lezzy Awards but, this year, I was like the slacker girl who smokes pot in the school parking lot every day and gets nominated for Student Body President by one of her stoner friends as a joke but then the other two deserving candidates get into knife fight over the price of hot lunches and the slacker ends up winning. What? That shit happens all the time. Let me just say that I was honored to rub virtual shoulders with LesbianDad and Mombian in the Parenting category. They clearly knocked each other out and I was the last one standing. Now, I get to be the top Lezzy for the next year so prepare for my Lezzy Winning Reign of Terror. It will involve run-on sentences, stream of consciousness rambling and a healthy sprinkling of Peeps.

I would like to thank Luisa for underwiting this blog and authorizing me to purchase a new Flip camera for blogging purposes. Your support means so much to me and I love you (I had to throw that part in or the tabloids would start insinuating that we were about to split). I would also like to thank my non-existent agent for the book deal that has never materialized. Lastly, I want to thank all of you who come here and read my crazy missives. You are the best.

Be sure to check out the full list of winners here. I was thrilled to see that Grace the Spot, Autostraddle and Peaches and Coconuts also pulled off victories. Congratulations to all of the finalists and the winners! Lezzy love for all!

It seems fitting to celebrate this victory today because we are celebrating something else in the Casa de Up Popped A Fox -  Zeca's 5th birthday. Five years ago, I dropped Miguel off at school and chatted with his teachers about the fact that I was in labor and then Zeca was born one hour later. She caught me by surprise that day, as she has almost every day since.


Now, go out and celebrate! Pretend that your drinks are on me for now and, if we ever meet in the real world, I'll buy you a real one. Cheers!