Goodbye NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMoAnother NaBloPoMo has come and gone and I successfully wrote thirty posts in thirty days. I never promised thirty high quality posts in thirty days. Check the fine print. After all these years of NaBloPoMoing, I've learned that you can't be brilliant every day or every other day or even half the days. If you write a couple of things that you're really proud of then you have accomplished something. So, I'm going with that standard. Low standards are the key to positive outcomes and high self-esteem. To finish the month, I thought I would leave you with a list of 30 things that I thought about in the last 30 days for which I am thankful (this is totally off the cuff so if you are special or did something special or said something special and I don't recognize it in this list just remember that I am single-parenting this week and my mind is in a thousand places and that you are/did/said probably the most special thing ever and I'm just keeping it to myself to treasure like a little chestnut of goodness and now this is the longester parenthetical statement in the entire world):

1. My children recovered quickly from H1N1

2. I've had some really good talks with my sister lately

3. My kids make me laugh more than they make me cry

4. I had a week off from work and enjoyed every minute of it

5. Reese's Peanut Butter trees are now for sale

6. Portuguese wine is tasty

7. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends on Thanksgiving

8. I've enjoyed playing ping pong with my son

9. I love that my daughter is starting to really read

10. I'm happy that Luisa got to take her trip to Haiti and arrived safely (finally)

11. I am so lucky to have so many people to talk to online

12. Twitter - seriously, love Twitter

13. I am lucky to have a job...even if it drives me crazy

14. China

15. Laughter

16. Music

17. Sarcasm

18. I am thankful that I live a comfortable life and recognize that all my existential angst is a privilege

19. Horrible Monkey Deaths - the thought of which still makes me laugh

20. Cocktail monkeys - I haven't found them yet but I think of them often and someday they will be mine (or at least this will)

21. Great boots

22. Takeout when I'm lazy

23. My iPod (I know that I said music already but I have a different, special kind of love for my iPod)

24. Bloggers that keep me informed and entertained (especially Autostraddle who is up for best online magazine in the mashable awards so go vote for them right it for me)

25. The weather has been very mild and so I am thankful that Heat Miser and Snow Miser seem to have reached a truce over Minnesota

26. Love

27. Thank god I'm a country boy (I'm actually not a country boy but I couldn't help throwing that in there)

28. Fleece

29. Hugs and kisses

...and lastly...

30. All of you who come here and read my crazy thoughts and say nice things in the comments even though you probably think that I'm a wackadoodle

Now, I will retire to my lair and rest. Goodnight to you all.