Back to the Grind

Luisa left for Haiti this morning which means I'll be stuck blessed with the children for the next 7 days. I also have to go back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll be back in cubicle land with tons of cases on my desk and forms to complete and calls to return. I've already started having anxiety dreams about work because I like to get a jump on fretting and dread. Last night, I dreamed that a client left $9000 at the office and it needed to be deposited in the bank. I told my program manager that I didn't feel comfortable handling that kind of cash and wouldn't do it. She got mad at me and told me that I had to take the money to the bank. So, I went to the bank and, when I got there, the money was gone. Naturally, I freaked out. I returned to the office and went to the program manager who said, "Oh yeah, I decided that you were right and I took the money out of your bag." ARGH! My week off was wonderful and I'd like to say that I'm no longer a burned out social worker. I'd like to say that but can't. I'm still burned out. Is there a pill for this?  No? I realized that I could totally be a stay at home that my kids are in school full-time. That is not to be and so I must return to the salt mines. Let me just tell you, though, if I find $9000 on my desk tomorrow I am keeping it. I'll use it to buy us all a drink.