Fashion Friday

Last night was parent orientation night at the kids' school. Since I am still an indentured servant (some call them room parents - whatever), I had to go and talk to people. Real people. Not internet people who seem to find my quirks endearing rather than frightening. So, how did I do? Well, the following are the questions I use to judge my social performances: 1. Did I make jokes that only I would understand? (It's never good to have private jokes with yourself but it's worse to share your private jokes with unsuspecting strangers).

2. Did I call anyone by the wrong name?

3. Did I say anything so weird that it was met with a blank stare and silence?

If I can answer "no" to all three of those things, I judge my performance as a success. Last night, I did call someone by the wrong name but it was not to that person's face so I think I can get away with it. So...

1(no) + 2(kinda) + 1(no) = successful access to inner extrovert

So, yay for me! I have a couple of weeks before my  next room parent gig which will be a night out on the town.

In other news, Friday has arrived as it does once per week. What's the best thing about Fridays? No, not payday. No, not the upcoming weekend either. Geez, people. It's Fashion Friday!  Today, we have the first photo ever submitted by a reader which is very exciting. Ranae was the first (and ONLY) brave soul to send me a pic. Thanks Ranae! Shall we take a gander? We shall...











This photo leaves no doubt that Ranae is a fashion rebel with a capital "R", bringing a splash of color to her parents' otherwise drab living room. Her brightly colored dress with hot pink highlights screams "Carpe Diem!" Not a slave to the "less is more" attitude so prevalent in fashion, Ranae embraces color - from her pink glasses to those bold red socks and pink shoe laces. There is no question, however, that the giant camera lunchbox is the pièce de résistance of this ensemble. Ranae is picture perfect!

Have a great weekend and may all your lunchboxes be photogenic!