The Cat Comes Back

This week, Zeca has been at Wee Backpackers which is her very first day camp. Each day she has come home tired and dirty but when she got off the bus on Wednesday, I hardly recognized her. First of all, her face was painted like a black cat with purple whiskers and a pink glittery nose. Secondly, her hair was crazy. Thirdly, she was wearing only her rain jacket and, by that, I mean that the girl was not wearing pants. Let me assure you that she was the only child that got off the bus looking like she had been on a weekend bender in Vegas. Some of the other parents were laughing so I led her away by the hand before asking her "Where are your pants?!" She said, "I swam in them." I then asked something that I hope to never ask another person again, "Are you wearing anything under that raincoat?" That's when I disovered that she was wearing her swimsuit bottoms. Thankfully. Cat Face







When we got home, she clearly needed a bath so Luisa filled up the tub and dropped her into it. About 15 minutes later, Luisa yelled down to me, "Vikki! Come here - you have to see this!" I went upstairs to find this:

Tub Ring






I could only think of only one thing:

The water ran out.

And then I SAW THE RING!

A ring in the tub!

And, oh boy! What a thing!

A big long black cat ring!

It looked like black ink!

And I said, "Will this ever

Come off? I don't think!"

~Adapted slightly from The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss

Fortunately, we were able to deal with the ring without the help of  Little Cat Z and VOOM!