Last week, I got an e-mail from a guy named John who was not offering to help me collect my international lottery winnings or suggesting that Viagra might give me more excitement in the bedroom. It's not often that I get surprise e-mails from real people so it was very exciting. John and his partner, Steve, have a blog called John and Steve are Having a Baby and he wrote to invite me to participate in a piece they were running on LGBT families in celebration of Pride. John asked if I might be interested in answering the following questions:  

What is the GAYEST thing you've done prior to parenthood?

What is the GAYEST thing you've done since becoming a parenthood?


With questions like that, how could I resist writing up a little somethin'? You can check out my answers and those of many other LGBT family bloggers here.

Thanks to John and Steve for putting this together and for asking me to play along!