Backyard Antics R Us

Yes, I's been a week since my last post. What can I say? I've been busy with work, summer fun, out of town guests and some other writing projects. Time for blogging is in short supply right now and I hope you'll hang in here with me until I have a bit more free time. Today, I have pictures though! Pictures are fun, right?  This past weekend, Ali from The Cleaner Plate Club came to visit with her two daughters who are 7 and 2. She drove all the way from Vermont to Minneapolis which seems about as easy as flying to the moon on a bottle rocket. Actually, the bottle rocket thing would be easier because you probably wouldn't bring a toddler with you (the stem is too short, of course). Our kids had never met but they all got along splendidly. One morning, they even made us breakfast without arguing, burning toast or leaving a milk slick on the kitchen floor. That counts as a miracle in these parts. 

You remember the Middle-Aged Follies, don't you? Or maybe Vikki Victorious? Well, why should I have all the fun? Saturday night, while the kids ran wild and we hung out on the patio, I challenged Ali to a little slide climbing. She acted as if parental scaling of playground equipment was a common activity in backyards all across the land and agreed to give it a try. She was a very good sport and even let me take pictures. I will say this however...she thought it was going to be a little too easy.

Oh Ali...the slide humbles us all...

Attempt #1

The Dejected Descent
The Dejected Descent


But she perservered...

Sweet Victory


...and conquered the slide!

Slide climbing will now be offered to all guests at the Casa de Reich-Brandão. It won't be required but participation will be strongly encouraged.