Check This Out

You know how I love to laugh and think? Well, I want to let you know about a new site that makes me do both. It's called Autostraddle and here's what the Autostraddle Team says about the site: 

What is The New Autostraddle 1.0? 

Something new. Girlier than Queerty and gayer than Jezebel, Autostraddle aims to address all things terrible/AWESOME with a quick, queer and intellectual attitude. We're particularly passionate about independent movies and music, books, theater, visual art, cyberculture and sex as well as queer theory, social justice, feminism and GLBT rights. We like the macro and the micro, the international and the close-to-home. We take a queer sensibility to everything - 'cause you know, something doesn't have to be GAY to be, you know -  gay.

You don't even have to be queer (though I'm not above recruiting) because they have something for everyone over there...pop culture, politics and music, Hell, they are even talking about a DIY Crafting Revolution! We're talking embroidered Darth Vader pillows, people. What's not to love about that? These women are doing this with a lot of vision and no money. So, go check them out and show them some love in the comments section or their tip jar. Go Autostraddle!