Spring Fever

It's gray and wet outside but the kids have been playing in the back yard for 15 minutes now. In those 15 minutes, I have gone outside to ask the following: "What was that noise?" - M: I hit the fence with the basketball. Z: Look at me on the swing!

"What's wrong?" - Z: I hit my lip.

"What are you yelling about?" - M: I think we found a mole hole.

"Why is she crying now?" - M: I hit her in the hand with the soccer ball.

"What was that noise?" - M: We hit the house with the LaCrosse ball but we didn't mean to.

Now, I hear Miguel yelling, "Zeca! Zeca!". I just looked outside and they are playing baseball. It's like a Manic Festival of Sports. I half expect them to be playing cricket next time I go out there. They have lived a lot in those 15 little minutes.