Every once in awhile, a commenter gets out of hand and there is only way to keep 'em in line: post a funny old picture of that person. So, there I am on the left and, yes, I realize it is not a terribly flattering picture of me either but I'm willing to sacrifice my pride for the greater good. That guy on the right is my buddy Anthony who has been very active in the comments section the past couple of days. This photo was taken right before I got into that little plane, flew up to 9,000 feet and then jumped out strapped to the back of an instructor. Freefalling was thrilling and, then, the instructor pulled the chute and we drifted in silence over the beautiful Iowa countryside. When I got down, Anthony went up for his jump. He didn't enjoy skydiving quite as much as I did - it probably had something to do with that permed mullet.