Sunday: Return from Kansas City. Drop off suitcase and immediately go to see Wanted with Susan. Ogle Angelina Jolie for two hours. Leave theater and have dinner and drinks with Susan. Solve all of the world's problems. Go home and right to bed.  Monday: Wake up at 5:40 a.m. as crazy gay neighbor's sprinkler repeatedly hits the siding on my house. Go to the YWCA to work out. Get there and realize I have no towel and no money to get towel. Drive back home. Go walking in the park. Shower and then go to work. Talk to Luisa. Go grocery shopping after work. Realize that everyone and their dog must go grocery shopping right after work. Get home and have light dinner while browsing iTunes. Go to friends' house to watch L Word episodes that we have already seen (episodes 503 and 504 for those keeping track at home). Go back home and go to bed.

Tuesday: Get up and go to work. Visit unfriendly clients who do not wish to have the pleasure of my company.  Consider other possible careers..."Kept Woman" being at the top of the list. Go home and change clothes. Sort dirty towels and sheets and put in a load of towels. Download music in iTunes and create exciting new playlists. Talk to Luisa while waiting for friends to pick me up for dinner. Go to dinner and sit on the restaurant's patio enjoying good company and a beer while waiting for food. Wait over an hour. Feel solidarity with the Donner Party but relax when tacos finally arrive. Go home and put towels in the dryer. Go to bed and listen to music while doing a crossword puzzle.

Wednesday: Get up and go to work. Visit unfriendly clients who do not wish to have the pleasure of my company. Finish work day by interviewing perpetrator who talks incessantly. Make note to self that a bearded man eating Doritos while talking incessantly is not a pretty sight. Go home and change clothes. Fold towels while talking to Luisa. Get a haircut. Go to friends' house for a lovely frittata and Gin and Tonics. Leave friends' house and decide to stop by other friends' house to say goodbye because they are leaving for California. They say, "L Word?" I say, "Why not?"  Watch the pilot and then go home and go to bed.

Today: Get up and go to work. Talk to Luisa and the kids while I sit at my desk and they sit on a beach in Portugal. Thank the Technology Gods for cell phones.