Today, I am offering two embarrassing vignettes for your reading pleasure. Both of which seem to indicate that I am spending way too much time at the Y lately.

Zeca and I are at the Y for her swim class. We are going potty before we take our showers and enter the pool. She tells me to go first. As I sit on the toilet, she looks very closely and says loudly and with remarkable clarity for a child he age, "Mama, is that your tampon?" I whisper, "Yes, Zeca." hoping that she will respond in kind. She then cocks her head and says even louder, "Good job mama, you got it in there!"

Zeca and I are at the Y for her swim class once again. We are heading to the showers when I hear someone say, "Hey Vikki!" I turn and see one of my co-workers and begin to jovially chat with her. Suddenly, I remember that I am in my swimsuit and might as well be standing there naked since lycra shows everything anyway. I shout, "Oh my god! I'm in my swimsuit!" and then run away without saying anything else. I realize later that I never said goodbye.

I have a few days before I have to go back to the Y. Hopefully, that will give me time for my ego to heal.