Best Boss Ever

I was sitting at my desk today and my boss walked by with bills to mail. I had two oversized envelopes to mail that needed to be weighed and stamped and, even though I saw that his envelopes were all stamped and ready to go, I asked if he would go to the post office proper and mail my things. Without hesitation, he said that he would. So, I gave him my envelopes and money and sent him on his way. He returned a short time later with my change and was eager to tell me that he chose stamps that he thought I would really like: Wonder Woman and Electra. I told him that he had done an excellent job. Later in the day, we were talking about training the two new social workers that will be coming to our program next week and I told him that I was prepared to train them both before transferring to my new position. I also suggested that he might want to sit in on the training as well and he laughed, looked a little sheepish and then said, "That's probably a good idea."

I am a lucky little worker bee.