The Gingerbread House

Will Miguel remember that I took the time to make a gingerbread house with him or will he remember that we argued at length over how the frosting should be applied to the roof?


Miguel decorating the roof

Will he remember that I encouraged his wild idea for a gingerbread house bowling alley or will he remember that I shot down his idea to have Santa and his sleigh hanging off of the roof?

Miguel and the Sour Santa bowling pins

Will he remember that I let him stay up two hours past his bedtime to perfect his gingerbread creation or will he remember that I was impatient at times?


Beware the bowling snowman

And what will I remember about this year's gingerbread project? The bowling alley...and the creative genius behind it.

Miguel and the finished gingerbread house

 Behold, the sugary goodness of the Sour Santas


Luisa said...
I thik he will remember the finished product and how you indulged his visions - he is one lucky kid! (but I guess I am biased)

8:57 AM

Anonymous said...
the other day i took the LRT to the mall with my sister, niece, mom & aunt. A All of a sudden there we were standing by what is suppose to be the tallest (?) biggest Ginger Bread House in the...i don't know world? anyway..i turned to my mom and said...remember when i was a kid we made one of those?.... i have not recollection of the process...just the pure fact that we did make one and it was a positive memory. peace i miss me that Miguel peace & love leigh

9:01 AM

Anonymous said...
Please refer to Kristin's latest blog for the answer.

9:07 AM

Colleen said...
Beautiful job!

9:37 AM

sarah g said...
i agree with luisa! it's the tradition and the special time together he will remember. great photos by the way.

10:16 AM

Kristin said...

Well, he will certainly remember it because he will be reading all of your archives. I love the sour santas close up.

8:26 AM