The Mary Cheney Post

Lesbian mothers and our families are more visible than ever. We’ve shown up in books, TV shows, movies - even People Magazine. Like it or not, this country is coming to terms with lesbians and lesbian moms. Pregnant, lesbian Republicans, though? Well, this country is just not quite ready for that. That freaks people out. There is no Sapphic Sorority and there is no Annual Lesbian Conference during which we, the nation’s lesbians, snack on tofu and align our political beliefs. Lesbians are as diverse as any other group and, as shocking as it may seem, lesbians can be Republicans. Personally, I don’t understand how a lesbian could align herself with a party that has targeted the GLBT community with hateful legislation and rhetoric but there are a lot of things I don’t understand. Lesbian Republicans, Quantum Physics, and rhinestone studded jeans – these things boggle the mind. Still, I accept the existence of all three.

Liberals call Mary a hypocrite and want her to mend her ways and fight for gay marriage. Evangelicals want her to repent or burn in hell. Mary Cheney is a hypocrite. Yeah? So are a lot of other people. Life is complicated and messy and people don’t always fit into the neat little boxes we want them to. The mocking and damning will do nothing to change her political views. Maybe her views will change after the baby is born. Maybe her views will change if the legal system and her privilege fail her. Maybe her views won’t change at all. Does it really matter? She and her partner are having a baby. Be happy for them and, more than anything, be happy that Dick Cheney is not your father-in-law.

Colleen said...
Duck the bullets, Baby Cheney.

6:31 AM

Anonymous said...
ok i wrote an eloquent email and then of course i must have pushed a wrong is the gist: * i really try not to demonize repulicans &'s just never that simple * Do Bush & Cheney (sp?) have conversations? * It is probably easier to have a queer family with not laws protecting you when you have all that privlege * Religion without spirituality can be used as a weapon of mass destruction thanks for the indulge peace leigh

2:36 PM